Announcing the cast of “Jingles of Christmas Past” 2019!

Thank you SO much to everyone who came out to audition. As I said at auditions, we had so many auditioners that it was impossible to cast everyone, but I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to audition and hope that you will come back in the future. I am thankful for all of the interest.

Here is the Cast List (in alphabetical order):

Abigail Auman

Matthew Auman

Emily Barnes

Rowan Billker

Lindsey Crawford

Evan Dilley

Pat Downing

Lauren Durr

Gabe Geiselman

Catalina Gonzalez

Tyler Jensen

Lauren Kemp

Sarah Kocher

Livia Kozub

Marie Lee

Avery Lute

Mel Lute

Kathryn Magee

Becky May

Zachary May

Kay McHolm

Lydia McHolm

Sarah McHolm

Molly Mead

Kyler Miller

Brendon Neuenschwander

Liz Neuenschwander

Matilda Pablo

Liam Parks

Costas Paxos

Leonidas Paxos

Ted Paynter

Lauren Petro

Alec Pilati

Niko Pitinii

Gia Remark

Andria Rorabaugh

Lucy Rose

Mark Rose

Alexis Spangler

Stefanie Spicer

Zoe Spicer

Elle Tamulewicz

Kim Vandy

Mark Vandy

Jocelyn Walbeck

Gracie Warden

Stacy Warden

Brittany Williams

Emily Wilson

Earle Wise

Michele Wood

Pacey Wood

Jen Yocum

Lindsey Yocum

Mark Yocum

Olivia Yocum



A big thank you to everyone who came out to audition! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there! This was a very hard show to cast due to the amount of talent we saw! If you were not cast, I really encourage you to come out and audition for another show in the future!

Tyler Jensen – Director


Seymour Krelborn ….. Nick Vierheller

Audrey ….. Skylar Miller

Orin Scrivello ….. Jon Semrau

Ronnette ….. Saylor Tucker

Crystal ….. Matilda Pablo

Chiffon ….. Kelsey Yocum

Audrey II/Skid Row Soloist ….. Bonsai Freeman

Mr. Mushnik ….. Kosta Volas

Mrs. Luce ….. Ava Wadley

Ensemble …..

Matthew Auman, Lindsey Crawford, Aden Graves, Zach Graves, Julia Kopacz, Caroline Koury, Molly Mead, Joelle Morgan, Lauren Pellegrino, Alexandra Petro, Alec Pilati, Niko Pitinii, Kate Reindel, Taylin Ruhe, Alexis Spangler, Elli Spicer, Zoe Spicer, Catie Votaw, Jocelyn Walbeck, Gracie Warden

*Featured roles to be assigned later from members of the Ensemble.


Congratulations to the cast of “DIARY OF ANNE FRANK”! Thank you to all of the auditioners – you brought a lot of talent to this process.


Anne Frank…..Lauren Durr
Otto Frank…..Ted Paynter
Edith Hollander-Frank….. Debbie Derbyshire
Margot Frank…Kiara Derbyshire
Mr. Van Daan….TBD
Mrs. Van Daan…. Tracy Lemus Santos
Peter Van Daan…. Luke Nadeau
Miep Gies…. Emily Weiss
Mr. Kraler…. Pat Downing/Dave Huthmacher
Mr. Dussel…. Charles Hayward

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